1. Marble Run: Build a track using dowels and other materials to guide marbles from start to finish.
  2. Kerplunk: A game where players remove dowels from a tube while trying not to let the marbles fall.
  3. Colour Match: A game where players match coloured dowels to corresponding coloured holes or slots.
  4. Pound-a-Ball: A toy where children use a hammer to pound balls through holes, typically supported by dowels.
  5. Tower of Hanoi: A puzzle where disks of different sizes are moved between pegs (dowels) to stack them in order.
  6. Kubb: A lawn game where players throw dowels to knock over wooden blocks.
  7. Sweet Dispensers: A fun DIY project where dowels are used to create a mechanism for dispensing sweets.
  8. Spin Ladder: A game where players toss rings onto dowels arranged in a ladder-like structure.
  9. String Puzzle: A puzzle where strings and dowels are used to create challenging knots and patterns to solve.
  10. Croquet: A lawn game where players use mallets to hit balls through hoops made of dowels.
  11. Rope Swing Toss: A game where players swing a rope with a loop to catch it on dowels.
  12. Rain Maker: A musical instrument where beads or beans fall through a dowel-filled tube to create the sound of rain.
  13. Shape Stacker: A toy where children stack shapes on dowels to create different structures.
  14. 4-Way Tic Tac Toe: An advanced version of tic-tac-toe played on a 4-way grid supported by dowels.



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