PLANT STAKES: Dowels serve as sturdy plant stakes to support growing plants. They can be used to prop up delicate plants such as tomatoes, peppers and sunflowers.

MARKING ROWS AND SEEDLINGS: Dowel shorts can be used to mark rows in your garden. When planting seeds in a straight line, the dowels are placed at regular intervals to guide planting. Shorter dowels can be used to label seedlings and plant varieties.

CREATING TRELLISES AND SUPPORTS: For climbing plants like peas, beans or cucumbers, create trellises and arrange them in a grid or teepee shape to allow the plants to spread and climb. Dowels are also used to support vining plants such as squash or melon vines.

SECURING NETTING AND SHADE CLOTH: When protecting plants from birds or harsh sunlight, use dowels to hold up netting and shade cloth.

CRAFTING GARDEN DECOR: Get creative and paint your dowels in bright colours or wrap them with twine. Use dowels to create scarecrows, wind chimes or fairy garden accessories.

Let your imagination run wild!


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